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Taking a break from the concrete jungle to enjoy the company of some lovely tulips. Most of the time I like to coordinate the background of my blog shoots with my outfit. This look matches the dirt more than anything else in the frame but that's ok because these spring blooms are the real stars of the pics (my starry blouse is a close second, though). It brings a celestial romanticness to this otherwise comfy, down-to-earth look. Although many trends this spring don't gel well with my style (I"m looking at you, neon), prairie-inspired dresses and blouses like this one are definitely welcomed in my wardrobe. Something about the combination of long sleeves, higher neckline, and ruffle detailing around the bust makes me strong yet feminine and sophisticated. But of course, my Libra rising means I need to balance out that sophistication with some good old Nikes and some German beer (an underrated accessory). ✨

Storets Starry Blouse- Resale Tiered Palazzo Pants- Resale Nike Huarac…

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