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Higher Fantasy

Wrapping up 2018 by unraveling at a local Bushwick bar (just kidding- keeping it classy with just a drink or two). This tough-yet-feminine look belongs to a lovely date night I had recently. My bf and I ended up at a local bar that was surprisingly empty compared to the times we've went to previously. We played some pool and, lo and behold, I lost (curse you 8 ball!). I wish I possessed mad billiard skills so I could be an adorable lil' pool shark and hustle all the bros who wouldn't suspect a thing. Again, only being facetious as I would feel terrible about lying and let's be real- I'm a mediocre liar anyway. After that, we ate some tasty vegan "chicken" sandwiches at a new restaurant that opened near us and shot some pics around the Christmas decorated neighborhood. Here I am freezin' for y'all so you can see the cute-but-admittedly-flimsy layers, a.k.a my attempt at winterfying a summer halter I very much fancy. And speaking of fancy, I'm a…

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