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Daylight Matters

Just your typical modern-day, Parisian, pastel-goth saloon gal lurking in the shadows of looming trees and quaint buildings. I wandered the land of Old Town San Diego after a one-too-many margarita on a subtly bustling Friday afternoon. As always, I gandered at all of the beautiful fleurs sprinkled in the plaza, particularly the bright red ones that matched my red beret and ankle boots. On the note of color coordination; this vacant and very lovely building corresponded so well with my outfit on this day as if it was begging me to haul my belongings and move in. If I wasn't so lazy and unwilling to deal with adverse legal ramifications, I totally would have done it. That way I could appreciate every day's golden hour in the comfort of my newly-found, old-timey home. But alas, I'll just stick with my apartment in the wild west of downtown where car alarms don't know how to shut up. ✨
Long-Sleeve Fishnet Top- Thrifted Free People Lilac Dress- Resale Dolce Vita Red Boots- Bu…

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