About me

Lex in Fleurs (formerly known as Myrrhmaid's Hotel) began in 2013.  
After sharing my retro-inspired outfits on sites like Lookbook.nu and Chictopia.com for 3 years, I wanted to continue challenging myself artistically. Starting a personal style blog where I'd explain the thought processes and inspirations behind my ensembles seemed like the perfect way to do this. Lex In Fleurs is now the online home for my eclectic (and debatably weird) fashion, so come on in and make yourself cozy in my virtual, style-centric abode!

Fun Facts about Me:
 -My blog name, "Lex in Fleurs" is inspired by Grimes' song "Venus in Fleurs" along with the fact that I wears floral patterns often.
-I have lived in Cali my whole life.
-October is my favorite month (because Halloween obv).
-Necklaces are the one accessory I can't live without.
- Hobbies of mine include thrifting, playing guitar, vegan cooking and making friends with cats.


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