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For almost 23 years (aka my whole life), I've been living in the same small, Southern Californian town. Each day I pass by suburban neighbors, businesses I have memories going to as early as age 3, and acres of vineyards, orange groves, and vacant, rural land. These characteristics of my hometown make it feel, well, like home. However, sometimes there comes a point when excessive comfort feels uncomfortable. I think that moment arrives when you feel mentally stagnant regardless of how much variation you introduce to your surroundings. Maybe the solution is changing your surroundings while continuing to pursue new experiences, even if they intimidate you. I'm talking drastic change, like 180-degree change, like moving-to-the-opposite-side-of-the-country change. Starting the first week of July I'll begin cultivating a new sense of home in Brooklyn. I imagine there'll be times while I'm living there when I feel like New York is where I truly belong and other times when I feel like a complete fish out of water (most likely in the winter since 50 degrees is considered "freezing" in my So-Cal book). But I guess that's what I'm really yearning for; Higher highs and lower lows that will help me grow as an individual. Although I'm trying to soak in all the lovely attributes So-Cal offers during the next couple of months, the big move to the city is still on my mind. This outfit is my attempt at personifying this pre-transitional state from small-town life to city life. I wanted to give my spin on the "country chic" aesthetic so I opted for country pieces like this plaid button-up tank paired and this western hat. Admittedly, I'm a little starry-eyed about moving to a huge city (although I'm trying to combat my idealistic tendencies with heavy doses of realism) which is why I incorporated star accents via the jeans and earrings. In short, this look reflects a truth I'm finally coming to terms with: I may seem like a small town girl but I'm dreaming of bigger, unfamiliar places and I'm finally going to see what they're all about.🏙️💫✨

Plaid Button Up Tank- Resale
Maryley High Waist Star Jeans- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Cole Haan Jagger Weave Oxfords- Flea-market
Hat- Resale
Black + Gold Belt-Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Sun/ Moon Necklace- Flashbacks
All Other Jewelry- Resale/ Flea-Market/ Boutique


  1. Lexi- Go get 'em girl! NYC needs some fresh SoCal youth! You will have the time of your life and adventures to remember forever!


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