Plastic Flowers

Living up to my blog's title as I wear this flowy n' floral blouse. One of the many reasons why I'm so drawn to flowers is that they are basically a universal symbol of beauty. Now, I'm going to pull an unsubstantiated statistic out of thin air (that's probably totally true anyway): 99% of the world's population finds flowers pretty. It's no wonder why giving a flower bouqet is a popular romantic gesture, especially for Valentine's day (because who can complain about having a piece of nature's prettiest offerings in their own home?) With the holiday of looove coming up I started questioning with all the different opinions amongst cultures and individuals, why does the adoration of fleurs remain constant? A quick google search reveals a theory that evolutionarily speaking, flowers compel us because they are little, dainty indicators of where fruit will grow. Speculation or reality I'm just grateful that if anything is going be overly commercialized for Valentine's day it's a vase of roses and not animal sacrifices, which were originally part of the holiday's tradition back in ancient Rome. As my tank accurately points out, plants don't have feelings, unlike animals, so I can collect all the fleurs and let them eventually wilt away in vases guilt free (and we can all put an end to the cringy "you won't eat meat but you'll kill and eat innocent plants!!1!" jokes please and thank you.)

"Plants Don't Have Feelings" Tank- BeetxBeet
Floral Long Sleeve Blouse- Goodwill
Zara Distressed Jeans- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Missguided Mesh Ankle Boots- Flashbacks
Hat- Resale
Boho Statement Necklace- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Moon Necklace-Coast Hwy Traders
All Other Jewelry- Resale/ Flea Market/ Gift


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