Somewhere Somehow

Half of the time my outfit inspirations seem to hide underneath all of the random thoughts rattling in my brain. A few days after throwing this number together for an annual holiday work party, I was at home browsing through the "Your Top Songs 2017" playlist Spotify curates based on your most listened to songs of the year. One song on the list was Oddnesse's "Somewhere Somehow." Forgetting how much I enjoyed that tune I decided to revisit the music video. I initially remembered it being simple in concept yet so mesmerizing and fitting for the song. Apart from being transfixed on the circular panning from shot to shot, I noticed another detail I found interesting while watching the video again: how similar my black turtleneck/ high rise jeans/ statement necklace combo was to her's. Even our hair styles bear resemble (but mine is the less voluminous, more dull version). Although my intention wasn't to create an ensemble based on the video, it's as if myself subconscious decided to anyway. I guess style influences always end up rising to the surface from somewhere, somehow. 
Tiger Embellished Jacket- Free People
Black Turtleneck- Free People
High Rise Ripped Jeans- Savers
Patent Faux Leather Boots- Flashbacks
Belt- Goodwill
All Jewelry- Flea Market


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