Eighth Avenue

Out to afternoon tea in this festive number. I almost forgot the joy of drinking tea for leisure rather than as a motivation for school work or to overcome a stubborn cold. What lifts my spirits even higher is using this opportunity to wear pretty tiny stilts a.k.a heels. Back in high school I used to scurry from class to class in pumps on a weekly basis. Five years later and I can't tell if I've become way less coordinated or if I'm more self-aware about my clumsiness (probably both). Strutting the streets in heels still makes me feel powerful even if I look like an awkward baby giraffe while doing it. Nonethless, I'm still going to keep channeling my inner Hilary Banks with the power of these classic pumps, this hat, and this Moschino blazer-esque blouse (even if I don't have daddy's money freely at my disposal). Happy holidaze y'all! 
Moschino Embellished Blouse- Resale
7 For All Mankind Jeans- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Nine West Pumps- Resale
Silver Boho Necklace- Lucky Brand
Hat- Resale
Pom-pom Hoops- Flashbacks
All Other Jewelry- Flea Market


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