Reuniting with Essential Oils

A few years ago when I working towards my health coaching certification, I started learning about the power and purposes of essential oils. The whole concept of using oils for beauty, cleaning, and aromatherapy was foreign but intriguing to me. One by one I started collecting oils and incorporating them into my daily life. Man did I notice improvements in my skin, hair and mental clarity. However, I'm going to be real with you guys: I fell off the holistic wagon a little bit in the past year after previously deciding not to pursue a career in nutrition. This meant unconsciously neglecting my essential oils and overall not giving my body as much loves as it needed. I'm trying to take better care of myself again and doTERRA essential oils definitely play a role in my journey to optimal health and wellness. Recently I was reached out to do a post featuring their oils. Although I typically stick to fashion on my blog, I feel too passionately about the power of these oils not to share them on here (plus, I feel like it was a sign that I need to get my life together and focus on my health again instead of living off cereal and coffee). 

So with that backstory out of the way, here are the oils I received:

Back when I first got into essential oils, I was mixing oils myself which was often a hassle. I'm not a precise person so I would end up adding too much of one of the oils every time. I can't tell you guys how much of a time saver it is doTERRA carries these blends. Since I've been sucking at falling asleep the past couple of months,the "Serenity" blend has become my new best friend. All I do is place a few drops into a spray bottle with some water and spritz it on my pillow before I hit the hay. Honestly, it's crazy that I'm now able to fall asleep in 15 minutes as opposed tossing and turning in bed for an hour or two (and I haven't even reduced my coffee intake yet!). I swear, it must be sorcery or something because it's made all the difference in my sleeping patterns.
 The mixture of spruce leaf, ho wood leaf, frankincense resin and other oils in the "Balance" blend is said to help ease anxiety. Whenever I smell it, I feel like I'm in a forest surrounded by pine trees which automatically chills me out. Seriously, I need to start bringing this bottle when I drive to keep road road at bay. 
Another note I should make: The blends do not have a carrier oil so you'll need to dilute them with a one (coconut oil or jojoba oil will do the trick) if you apply them onto your skin.

The other two also sent to me were the "Cheer" and "Passion" roll on blends. Who needs to perfume with all of the harmful chemicals and additives when these roll on oils exist? They both practically live in my purse and smell so heavenly (and the clove/cinnamon in the "Passion" one legit smells like Christmas). A little goes a long way- just a dab on the wrist and neck (the already have carrier oils in them) and the scent lasts pretty much the entire day. 

I didn't even touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to essential oils uses. For more info on essential oil uses, I'd recommend give this blog post a read.


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