Dressing Room Dreams

I've always thought it'd be interesting to do a closet tour on my blog. However, my closet is in no shape to photographed at the moment (it looks like it encountered a merciless tornado). Maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing that. For now, I thought I'd unleash all of my dream dressing room aspirations instead via vision board. 

1. Hand Jewelry Holder (source unknown) 2. Arhaus Pendant Light  3.Embroidered Chair 4.Klimt Room Divider

As much as I would appreciate the idea of having a sleek, minimal dressing room, I know that's not where my desire truly lies. There's a comfort in a moderate amount of clutter when it comes to dressing room. Mixing patterns and designs with furniture catches my eye while inspiring me to do the same with my outfits.  I love the idea of have multiple hand jewelry holders on the wall and hanging lights like the ones from Arhaus since a dressing room with high quality lighting is a must. My personal goal one day is to have a wall dedicated to these hand holders inspired like that scene in Labyrinth with the "helping hands." Not sure why I've always found the "hand wall" aesthetically pleasing but hey- all of those hands would display my jewelry collection nicely. Just like the jewels, all of my boots would need a nice home. A DIY shoe holder like the one below would do the trick. Plus, any kind of DIY project, especially made from recycled material, I' m all about. And if I'm short on space with my shoes (which I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case), I can always stick a few extra parts on the shelf of this wardrobe. Throw all of these pieces together and my dressing room dreams will come true.✨

5. Moroccan Mirror  6.Vouge Boho Room 7.DIY Shoe Display 8. Arhaus Russell Wardrobe 9.Turkish Rug (source unknown)


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