Birthday Song

My first and last palindrome birthday occurred a few days ago on 7/13/17. What's even weirder is that I turned 22 (also a palindrome). I wonder if that's a strange sign of good luck..? Speaking of signs, I couldn't resit adding my Cancerian earrings to this flower child get-up. What makes it more fitting is that admittedly I can get a *tad* bit crabby on my birthday (I've never been a big bday person for some strange reason). Despite my natural preference to hideaway from the outside world every July 13th, I never want to take the gift of living another year for granted. There's a vibrancy that comes from stepping aside the constant chaos that fills your mind and submerging yourself in gratitude for your loved ones along with all of the other lovely parts of life. I'm honing in on that energy to the best of my abilities, taking a break from wearing mostly black all summer and introducing some color into my outfits again. Cheers to the year of the palindrome 

"Just because I am a certain age
Doesn't mean that I am any older
Than I was yesterday"

LoveTree Paisley Top- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Topshop Black Shorts- Flashbacks
Penny Loves Kenney Black Fringe Ankle Boots- Amazon
Cancerian Earrings- Flashbacks
Tassel Hamsa Necklace- Boutique 
All Other Jewelry- Vintage/ Fleamarket


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