Saturday, April 22, 2017

Vinyl Vibes

Comin' at y'all with a post that departs a bit from my usual format. Since today is Record Store Day, a day dedicated to celebrating independent record stores, I thought it'd be fun n' festive to share a few record-influenced looks in honor of the event. For these outfits, I took inspiration from both the record's sound and album artwork. Without further ado, here are my spins on some of my favorite, well, spins.
(For the record, I didn't pick these LPs up on actual Record Store Day, but if I find some good vinyl at my local record store today, I might do a part 2.)

Look 1: Stereolab's, Chemical Chords

With 13 albums in their discography, I've been trying to catch up with Stereolab's huge body of work the past few months. This record was graciously sent to me and has been on repeat ever since. Vibrant, endearing, and even assertive at times, Chemical Chords is total avant-pop ear candy with a 60's lounge pop influence. In addition to matching my lips/ top/ earrings with the album art's color scheme, I wanted to play off the retro, European sound of the record so I attempted to flip my hair out like Jean Shrimpton (whether or not I achieved this is debatable).

Look 2: Broadcast's, Tender Buttons

We all have that one album that we revisit whenever a certain season rolls around. Every fall/winter since I was 17, I'd get lost in Tender Buttons with overcast, rainy skies in the background. It's thought-provoking lyrics and icy, electronic instrumentation make this a perfect soundtrack to introspection, especially with tracks like "Corporeal." Also, Trish Kennan (RIP) had one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. A minimal look of all black seemed like the most accurate way to stylistically encapsulate the brilliant record that is Tender Buttons.

Look 3: Melody Echo Chamber's, Melody Echo Chamber's

What a gem of a record Melody Echo Chamber's self-titled debut is. If you were to google "psychedelic bliss" this album should definitely be the top search result. When listening to the LP from start to finish, expect to be swept into a dream that'll feel like the fastest 44 minutes of your life. Seriously, there's never a moment of temptation to skip a track, which is pretty rare for me. The warm, sunny tones in the album cover guided my makeup/ nail polish choices here, in addition to the editing of my wall (and now I totally want splotch pink, orange, and yellow paint all over it.)

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