Sometimes my future seems like a desert: desolate and leading nowhere, but aesthetically pleasing at the very least. Life has thankfully been more of a wellspring than a wasteland as of late. I'm prepping for festival season since I actually get to partake in it this June. While I don't plan on wearing this outfit then, I still feel like this is a v- classic music fest look. You've got your boho kimono, your aztec print, your wide brim hat, and your rhinestone bustier bra..? Ok, that last piece may not be as traditional BUT tell me it doesn't look adorably groovy under this retro style shrug without lying. I also enjoy a good ol' fashion challenge so I wanted to try styling this bra in a non-lingerie way because some bras are just too pretty to keep captive under a boring blouse. 

Ecote Kimono- Resale
Zara Aztec Print Skinny Jeans- Flashbacks
Brown Roper Boots- Thrift
Aztec Belt- Thrift
Rust Wide Brim Hat- Reale
All Jewelry- Flea-market 


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