There are two kinds of folks in this world: morning larks and night owls. At least, that's what I believed until I came to the conclusion (thanks to multiple online personailty tests that I take more seriously than I should) that I'm in the middle of the two types. My perfect day would include waking up sometime between 7:00-8:00 a.m.and leisurely spending the morning on the computer with a nice homeade breakfast and a cup of joe. Basically, I pretty much looove mornings when I can be lazy lol. By the same token, I take pleasure in chilling in solitude and doing something relaxing like watching some youtube vids of hedgehogs late at night. In the battle of morning and night, however, I'd have to say night wins by a slight margin. Why you might ask? Three words: moon and stars. I've always felt comforted yet humbled when I'd stare at evening sky. I can recall being at parties when I was as young as 8 and inevitably feeling worn out by all the commotion happening. At some point in the evening, I'd sneak away by myself for minute (or however long I could get away without someone noticing I was missing) and just stare at the moon.  Despite the fact that I still can't pinpoint why it always bring me a sense of peace, I still catch myself at parties using the moon to recharge. In a strange way, moonlight is like a renewable source of emotional energy in my own universe.

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