Friday, April 8, 2016

On the Regular

 Another failed attempt at color blocking but who knew I'd love this outcome of this outfit more than I orignally thought? A solid turquoise jacket to pair with this white crop top and green jeans sounded interesting in my head. You know what's millions times more captivating and better than solid colors though? Patterns. Patterns with bold, eye-grabbing colors. That's why when I spotted this vintage shrug while thrifting, I mentally gave up on the color blocking plan and bowed down to the majesty that is this shrug. And bonus: It  has all the colors of this funky watch that Pappwatch kindly sent me. I've got to give them props for restoring my faith in watches. A lot of watches out there look so bulky and blah, which why you'll hardly ever catch me wearing them. But these gems are a different story. Made out of paper, the Pappwatches are light as a feather yet very well constructed. They also have loooads of rad, attention grabbing prints on their site so definitely check them out if you got time (or if you don't...cuz you don't have a watch...get it? lol @ dad jokes).

Japanese Shrug- Vintage
White Crop Top- Resale
Hudson Green Skinny Jeans- Hudson Jeans
Frye Ankle Boots-  Resale 
Zebra/ Turquoise Belt- Resale
Deco Earrings- Flashbacks
All other jewlery- Resale/Gift/ Boutique

Women's Aquamarine Shrug, White Tank, Green Jeans, Black Leather Ankle Boots on Lookastic: Aquamarine Shrug, White Tank, Green Jeans, Black Leather Ankle Boots

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