Left Handed Kisses

A breezy, beautiful Thursday like this calls for a peaceful stroll through the vineyards. Maybe not in these shoes though, considering my heel-wearing skills are too rusty to navigate the bumpy, dirt paths. I really should have walked to a nearby winery and treated myself to a nice lunch or something in this posh, 70's influenced ensemble. Instead, I took a miracle berry tablet (if you don't know what a miracle berry is, stop reading and start googling cuz they're the epitome of magic) and snacked on lemons/limes. Not as glamorous as wining and dining but it's impossible to not feel sophisticated in a floppy hat + a tie blouse. By the way, this tie blouse with a deep neck is the one top I never realized I desperately needed until I put it on my body. I never knew I could love an inanimate object on this level. Like is it legal to marry clothes cuz it should be. 2016, get on it!

DKNY Paisley Blouse- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Topshop Tan Jeans- Resale
Tweed Mary Jane Pumps- GoJane
Kingdom Watch- Pappwatch
Ecote Hat- Flashbacks
Moon Necklace- Coast Hwy Traders
Sterling Amber Earrings- Etsy (Gift)
All Other Jewlery- Vintage/Gift

Women's Beige Jeans, Khaki Hat, Silver Necklace, White Watch on Lookastic: Beige Jeans, Khaki Hat, Silver Necklace, White Watch


  1. I can see why you love that tie neck blouse so much! It's gorgeous. Love the way you styled it too.

    Jo | www.cutandchic.com


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