Leaving the City

Left one city to another last Saturday. My big sis and I got tickets to see the one and only Joanna Newsom in LA at the orpheum theater. Oh my lord was it an experience to remember! We spent the afternoon venturing downtown to kill time before the show started. Two of my favorite and understandably touristy places we hit were The Last Book Store (the magical land of books and cool art installations involving them) and Grand Central Market (the land of delish foods, including the world's greatest vegan ramen).
Finally, enough time had passed til the show started at 9 o'clock. Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes opened and did a wonderful job of doing so. He finished preforming and after what felt like an enternity, the moment I've been waiting 7 years arrived. The goddess herself,J-New, as I like to call her, appeared on stage wearing one of the most breath taking dresses I've ever laid my eyes on. I wish I snapped a better pic of it but I suppose my crappy phone-quality pic will have to suffice. She worked her magic on both the harp and the piano, switching between the 2 instruments throughout the night. Honest to god, she sounds 10 times better live- I couldn't have imagined that even being possible! My highlight performances of the night go to Waltz of 101st Lightborne, Leaving the city, Baby Birch and Peach,Plum Pear. While she tuned her harp in the middle of the show, she held a little Q&A with auidence. It was during this time that I involuntarily blurted out "What's your favorite animal?" Smiling, she replied with a fanstastic answer I wasn't prepared for, "Hummingbirds, because they look like they shouldn't exist." Needless to say, Joanna and the show blew my mind. Several days have gone by and the post concert depression still lingers, but at least a left the city with awesome memories.

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 Grey Tights- T.J. Maxx
Brown Roper Boots- Vintage
Rachel Roy Cross Body Bag- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Face Jewels- Coast Hwy Traders
All Jewelry-  Boutiqes/ Gift/ Resale

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