Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beach, Don't Kill My Vibe

Long sleeve button up, corduroy jeans, and knee high boots don't usually make for a pratical beach outfit. On a 65 degree day like this one, I'm too cold to frolic in a frock or a swimsuit so I've got no intentions for jumping in the water. However, I do intend to stroll on the shore and take in the refreshing, coastal breeze. Yes, I might appear slightly out of place but the warm, summery color scheme has got me feeling beachy keen. Plus, these awesome mirrored sunnies from a super cool, SoCal based company called No Weekends give me a little bit more beach cred. In fact, No Weekends nails the whole "beachy L.A. blogger" style, especially with their sunglass selections (like, I want *alllllll* the pairs). If you happen to be surfing on their site and find treasures you can't resist, you can use the discount code, Lexi15, to get 15% off your whole order! If y'all are like me, you probably don't need another reason to shop more. And if you're even *more* like me, like twin status, you're going to anyway. *insert sassy girl emoji here*

Tasha Polizzi Stripe Button Up- Resale
Sanctuary Corduroy Jeans- Nordstrom
Mirrored Sunnies- No Weekends
Naturalizer Camel Boots- Nordstrom 
Boho Statement Necklace- New Dress 
 Retro Belt- Resale
All Other Jewelry- Resale/Vintage/Boutiques

Women's Orange Skinny Jeans, Brown Leather Chelsea Boots, Pink Sunglasses, Silver Necklace on Lookastic: Orange Skinny Jeans, Brown Leather Chelsea Boots, Pink Sunglasses, Silver Necklace

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lex In Fleurs + Firmoo Giveaway

Untitled #5

Heya everyone! Special announcement: I'm teaming up with Firmoo, a wonderful, online optical store, to host my first giveaway on Lex In Fleurs! Since there's plenty of sunshine to come in the next few months, now is the perfect time to try to score some new, snazzy shades. One lucky participant will win one pair of FREE Rx-eyeglasses/ non-Rx sunglasses! (shipping cost not included) For 5 other winners, we'll give out five $10 vouchers as well!

Only 2 steps needed to enter:
1. Follow my Instagram (@lexinfleurs)
2. Comment with the link to your favorite pair of glasses below this post and/or my 
Instagram post.

Giveaways ends on 3/7 and winners will be announced 3/8. Wishin' y'all lots of luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Big Enough Sky

Only so much time remains until the heat strikes for months on end. After February, hardly any days cold enough to wear a sweater are left until next winter, meaning I'm crunching in as many sweaters as I can this month. New Dress mailed me the poncho sweater shown in these pics and I've got to say, it's actually way more verstile than I thought it'd be. Like, if a top/dress/whatever works with a bolo tie, you know it's going to look killer styled in a million other ways (not to diss you bolo ties, you just don't get along with a lot of clothes I own). Paired with a concho hat, cowboy boots, a turquoise ring, and a blanket bag, this outfit has got me feelin' southwestern vibes (and the urge to take a stroll in the desert accompanied by a fluffy, baby alpaca).

Batwing Knit Poncho- New Dress
Romeo & Juliet Couture Black Leggings- Nordstrom Rack
Stetson Cowboy Boots- Resale
Bolo Tie- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Mexican Blanket Bag- Vintage
 Western Concho Hat-Second Hand
Silver + Turquoise Bracelet- East Meets West
All Other Jewlery- Boutiques/Resale/gift

Women's Mustard Poncho, Black Leggings, Black Snake Leather Boots, Charcoal Hat on Lookastic: Mustard Poncho, Black Leggings, Black Snake Leather Boots, Charcoal Hat

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Can See Your Tracks

The first time I took photos in this field was with my sister. I was 12 at the time and she was 14. I remember she had asked me to snap some pics of her (man, have the roles reversed over the years) so we strolled to this random field near our house right before sunset. We took turns shooting photos of each other and our surroundings on a dinky digital camera, laughing and just soaking in the beauty of that moment. Eight years later, this memory runs in my head while posing for this outfit. So much has changed since that day with my sister. Naturally, with changes in circumstance and time often comes a shift in style. I now feel a lot more confident about who I am to wear pieces I adore that might garner strange looks or even critcism. With that in mind, I wonder how I would have styled a classic dress like this knit one from New Dress 8 years ago. All I know is that the way my 12 year-old-self would've accessorized it (my guess is pink pumps and plastic jewlery from Wetseal *cringes*), would have been restricted by the potential disliking from others (so basically, the opposite of how I styled it here). This isn't to say that I never feel like a fish out of water when a wear something "out-there" because who doesn't at some point? I guess I've gotten better at freeing myself from those hesitations and just wearing what I want, liking what I like, and believing what I believe. To me, this field is home base for feeling my truest, most unapologetic self. I've walked in this field in times of happiness, grief, loneliness, and peace. I can see the tracks from roaming here in all these different emotional times, but still, I'm never shy to take the next step.


Grey Knit Dress- New Dress
Idian Scarf- World Market 
Printed Leggings- Resale
Frye Ankle Boots- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Turkish Necklace- Gift
 Turquoise Bracelet- East Meets West
Silver + Moonstone Ring- Gift
Bindi- Ebay
All other jewelry- Boutiques/Resale 

Women's Grey Chiffon Midi Dress, Charcoal Leggings, Black Suede Ankle Boots, Silver Necklace on Lookastic: Grey Chiffon Midi Dress, Charcoal Leggings, Black Suede Ankle Boots, Silver Necklace
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