Wednesday, December 30, 2015


For me, there's an enchanting change and freedom that comes with the ending of each year. Reflecting on how the past year unfolded every December 31st trips me out. I always think about how myself a year ago would react if the present me explained everything that was going to happen in the next 365 days. Of course, no year is filled with solely sunshine and happiness. Knowing that there's a new year ahead with a blank slate attached feels very liberating from the struggels that came with the prior one. In this look I styled for an annual "end of the year" work party, I channeled these thoughts into my outfit choices. Since butterflies and birds usually symbolize the idea of transformation and independence, I chose a butterfly ring and a bird claw bracelet from Wholesale Buying to go with this bird-embroidered LBD. All this contemplating actually gives me a lot of hope as we fly away from 2015 so I threw in lots of color to make this get-up as vibrant (but still sorta of wintery...?) as I could. Bright or dark, I'm ready for you 2016, show me what you got. <3

Love Sam  Embroidered Blazer- Flashbacks
Buffalo David Bitton Dress- Flashbacks
 Dolce Vita Clark Booties- Nordstrom
Silver Bird Claw Bracelet- Wholesale Buying
Rainbow Stone Necklace- Resale
Butterfly Ring- Party City
Hamsa Earrings- Gift
All other Jewelry- Resale/ Boutique

P.S: Special thanks to Inland Empire Magazine for featuring Lex in Fleurs in their latest issue! I'm even more excited now to see what 2k16 holds

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Pedestrian At Best

I'm typing this post on Christmas Eve, reflecting on how my family would go to the movies every year on this day. Some might have called me a Scrooge for choosing to stay home most of the time instead. Going to the movies isn't quite my thing in general, especially if I'm going to see a Christmas movie. Basically I'm a grandma and there's a 90% chance if I watch any movie past 8:00pm, I'll end up snoozing in my seat. Despite seldomly partaking in this tradition, I really do enjoy the holidays. More than anything else, I'm a fan of all the kitschy decorations, particularly on storefronts. They just give me the warm fuzzies and add some holiday joy in the background of an unfestive outfit like this one. I can't get myself to wear a Christmas sweater now that this killer faux leather jacket is a citizen of my closet. Also, printed leggings become my bff in the winter so expect more looks with them to come. I'll try to not take photos wearing them in the street next time because I feel like that annoying, slow pedestrian that I wanna run over with my car.
On a cheerier note, I hope y'all had a very lovely Christmas filled with all the cliche, good stuff! I'm sure I did because all I need is a lit-up tree + coffee and I'm a happy camper.

Sanctuary Gingham Leggings- Resale
Led Zeppelin Shirt- Resale
Lucky Brand Lace-up Ankle Boots- Resale 
Layered Moroccan Necklace- Free People
All other Jewlery- Vintage/Resale/Flea Markets 

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Secret Identity

People watching: It's a guilty pleasure many of us like to indulge when we're out in a crowded place. Recently, I've learned that despite enjoying watching people interact with each other or hang around by themselves, I'm just not that great of a people watcher. I'll often mentally take note of something a stranger does that fascinates me then drift off into my own thoughts. Falling down the rabbit hole of unrelated concepts and hypothetical situations, I forget about my surroundings and the strangers in them. The role of a social observer still interests me though, along with the air of mystery that comes with it. Leather jackets stand out as symbols of mystery in fashion. This awesome fringe biker jacket is my not-so-secret obsession as of late, which was kindly sent to me by a really wonderful, unisex clothing company called Boyly Mia. Today's outfit is my interpration of what this observer type of character would dress like, roaming in the city and lurking in coffee shops as they absorb the details of those around them.

Kimchi Blue Dress- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Anne Klein Boots- Resale
Bowler Hat- Vintage 
Hue Black Tights- Macys
Studded Cross Body Bag- Resale
Tree Choker- Loving Life by Elvee
Evil Eye Ring- Nasty Dress
All other jewler- Vintage/ Resale/ Fleamarkets

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