Raising the Skate

Do you ever rediscover fashion combos that you used to wear like crazy? Tops tucked into mini skirts were once the bread and butter of my wardrobe. At some point, I ran out of shirts that weren't too bulky or short to stay underneath high waisted skirts so my obsession with the pairing eventually faded. Returning to this style now feels better than ever. An outfit like this totally works for fall in my neck of the woods since it doesn't get too chilly, meaning you can get away with wearing tights in the "colder" months. It could just be the hair but I like to think of this getup as a modern day take on Lydia Deetz (or maybe like her not-as-cool cousin). Either way, I feel pretty strong/sassy sportin' this look and ready to raise the skate.


Mesh Long Sleeve Top- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Everleigh Circle Skirt- Norstrom
Jessica Simpson Tights- TJ Maxx
Ecco Moss Ankle Boots- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Cross Necklace- Flashbacks
Hamsa Necklace- Loving Life by Elvee
Rest of Jewelry- Resale/Fleamarkets

Get this look for $25+ on Lookastic: Black Crochet Mini Skirt, Olive Leather Ankle Boots, Black Tights


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