Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lonesome Sundown

From time to time, I wonder if phones/ the internet isolate us more than they bring us together. A convincing case can be made for both sides but I really don't have a strong opinion on the topic. All I know is that it's trippy to think we can feel so lonely when as we're holding a smartphone that grants you access to interact with thousands of different people in the world. I guess it's just like feeling deserted in a crowded, virtual room. Sunsets seem to exagerate loneliness in those moments for me like "Noooo the day's ending just like my chance to feel close to anyone ever agaaaaain!!!1!" Today isn't one of those days, as I'm snapping away photos of sunsets that look identical to the ones I took from yesterday and the day before that. The wind blows my hair all over my face, strands of it sticking to my orange coated lips. I like how the kimono glows in the warm, firey light of the setting sun. Looking down at my outfit, I realize that even though I've been waiting all year to wear autumn clothes, my outfit still screams summer (with the exception of my roper boots of course). All this is happening as I'm alone, and I couldn't feel farther from lonely. 

Tangerine Tie Dye Dress- Thrifted
Roper Boots- Vintage
All other jewelry- Vintage/ Resale/ Flea Markets
Tribal Motif Phone Case- One Little Forest

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