What's good y'all!? For me, the answer is quite a bit. Lots of positive vibes goin' on in my world lately, which were amplified this past weekend when I spent a day near the beach. I say near because I was mainly hanging around the shops in Encinitas. On a whim, I walked down to the beach for the last time this summer. That's why I'm strolling on the beach in Frye boots like a crazy person but they're my sole mates (as always, pun intended) so I refused to take them off. While we're on the topic of emotional connections with inanimate objects, I must bring up this magical, embroidered elephant cap I've got on my head. Aprox. 5 years ago, I spotted a glorious hat identical to this one in a local antique shop. I remember thinking, "Woah this hat is super Clarissa Darling, must. have. it." Sadly and stupidly, I did not act on my impulse. Still dreaming about that hat two weeks later, I made a special trip to the antique shop to see if it was still there, only to find out that the store had closed down for good. I was heartbroken, scouring the web for the hat I regrettably turned down. My luck dried up for years until one day, by the grace of the fashion Gods, the little treasure showed up in my favorite resale store. It seemed as if it had been waiting for me after all this time. In an instant, I purchased the little fellow and ever since he's been my bestest hat friend. For an accessory, he and I have a ton in common. We enjoy long walks on the beach and completing cute outfits. Yup, pretty wild.
Meet my gorgeous lil' sis and photographer, Sam. She's a trooper for dealing with my nitpicky photo requests, so hats off to her! 

Embroidered Elephant Baseball Cap- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Black Tank (DIY crop)- American Apparel
Free People Cheetah Skirt- Nordstrom
Frye Ankle Boots- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Sunnies- Borrowed (Thanks Sam!)
Embroidered cross body bag- Second Hand
All Jewelery- Vintage/Second Hand/ Boutiques

Get this look for $71+ on Lookastic: Black Tank, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Black Embellished Crossbody Bag, Grey Sunglasses


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