Saturday, September 12, 2015

Case on Point

After a couple years of rooting for team Android, I recently switch over to an Iphone, curious to see if it lived up to the massive hype. Part of me hates to admit it but I'm starting to understand the Iphone appeal. It's way easier to navigate, you can facetime with it, and there are lots more fun Iphone cases out there. OneLittleForest carries some of the coolest, most original phone cases I've come across. Inspired by nature, the designs stand out in a sea of boring, plain colored cases. What's even neater is that the cases are all handmade, which is a trait I always admire in a product. The awesome company mailed me a couple of my favorite ones to try out. Believe it or not, the cases are even more eye-catching in person, along with feeling sturdier than I expected. Plus, they make the perfect accessory for my boho looks. So case in point, my cases are on point. 

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