Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bring me to Shore

Everyday that I have off from work is a struggle to not drive to the ocean. All I want to do is just laze about on the sand with a good book in hand, waves crashing in the background as the salty breeze runs through my hair. When the closest beach is 45 min away, sadly, most days I have to turn down a date with the sea. Soul crushing I know, but I've got a small solution: if I can't go hit the beach, I can at least bring a little bit of the beach spirit with my wardorbe choices. That's where this super gorgeous New Dress halter/short set comes into the picture. All the different shades of blue in this summery two-piece resemble the ripples in the ocean. The white, decorative border also makes me think of the sand on the beach. And as for the elephants, well, I've never personally elephants on the beach but it could happen,maybe...right? Well the point is, even when I'm stuck with  vineyard scenery instead of sea imagery, I've got some beachy vibes going on in my outfit to make up for it (and without the sunburn that almost inevitably comes along with spending the day at the shore so hollaaaa).


Elephant Halter and Short Set- New Dress
3pc Layered Choker Necklace- New Dress
Betula Birkenstocks- Second Hand
Anklet- Handmade
All other Jewlery- Vintage/Gift/Fleamarkets
Get this look for $47+ on Lookastic: Blue Print Cropped Top, Blue Print Shorts, Black Leather Flat Sandals, Black Pendant

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