Eastern Green

During my most recent getaway, I spent the day in this flower-power-esque outfit in an adorable, historic town named Smithville. Whenever I'm in New Jersey it's a must-visit  for me. Strolling down the wooden bridge overlooking the water makes me feel like I'm in Frontierland (Which is hands-down my favorite land in Disneyland). Along with the gorgeous lake and luscious foliage shown in the pics below, the town is filled with tons of cute boutiques that I could spend all day window shopping in. I just can't help but gush about the place- every little detail about it leaves me smiling like a moron. To tie this back to my outfit, I've realized if I'm getting dressed for somewhere I already adore, I subconsciously tend to go for super bright, cheery colors and patterns. I suppose I was all sunshine and flowers here, in the literal and figurative sense. 

 So much greenery in this scenery <3
 Aren't these li' chickens bea-uuutiful? They kept looking at me like "Take a picture, it'll last longer" so that's exactly what I did.
Til next time, Smithville♥

Foral/dotted Dress-Vintage
Naturalizer Camel Boots- Nordstrom
Cream tights- Macys
Flower Earrings- Flashbacks
All other Jewelry- Vintage/Gift/Second Hand

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