Red and Purple

This ensemble has got some unintential cave girl vibes going on. Between the wooden,bone-resembling necklace and the hand-woven-looking maxi skirt, I feel like a modernized paleolithic princess.I think I'm even one hair-bone away from entering Pebbles Flintstone territory. Come to think of it, I might be more stone-age than I realized. I mean, a lot of the time I can be found hibernating in my "womancave" aka my room. In times of desperate survival, I'll hunt and gather food in my kitchen; by that I mean crack open some pre-packaged kale while scouring for salad toppings. Oh, and once in a blue moon I relax with a good cave painting sesh...errrm, more like doodle on random scraps of paper on my desk. Ok, so maybe I'm too 21st century to live a day in 6000 BCE (Let's get real, of course I'm not- just thinking of a whole day without wi-fi makes me anxious. Oh the horror!!)

Sidenote: This lil' Nakamol leather wrap bracelet is the last sparkly in my first Rocksbox. What's funny is I've been wanting a wrap bracelet like this for sooo long and here comes Rocksbox gracing me with a gorgeous one to test out. It's as if they read my mind or something. <3

Cut Out Crop Top-Second Hand
Elan Striped Skirt- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Jeffrey Campbell Clog Heels-Crossroads
 Nakamol Leather Wrap Bracelet- Rocksbox
All other Jewlery- Vintage/Second Hand/Fleamarkets
Get this look for $37+ on Lookastic: Purple Necklace, Black Cropped Top, and Black Leather Heeled Sandals


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