Chase it to the Grave

I remember very vividly the times I'd sit in class throughout elementary school, bored to tears as I'd zone out on all of the motivational posters plastered on the walls. They'd usually consist of corny sayings such as "don't count the days, make the days count" complete with either a sunset backdrop or some kind of cartoon animal. These posters didn't effectively encourage childhood Lexi to try harder academically. Rather, they were just wall hangings to stare at as I'd drift off into daydream land. It's a relief that those days are long gone now, although I do feel nostalgic towards the posters that were excuses to space out. When the awesome folks at The Yub sent me this adorable sweatshirt, it instantly transported me back to those daydreaming sessions I'd have in the middle of a 4th grade math lesson. Granted, I can't recall all of the aspirations I had back then (maybe they involved something like becoming best friends with Hilary Duff..?) But regardless of what they were, the idea of wearing what could easily be a motivational cracks a big smile on my face. And no matter what your age, we can all use the reminder to chase our dreams every now and then (especially when the reminder involves a cute fluffy white cat).


Chase Your Dreams Sweatshirt- The Yub
Free People Lace Skirt- Nordstrom
Wide Brim Hat- Second Hand
Moon/Crystal Earrings- Gift
All other jewlery- Vintage/Second Hand
Get this look for $52+ on Lookastic: Navy Print Crew-neck Sweater, Black Lace Skater Skirt, Black Leather Ankle Boots, and Black Wool Hat


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