Tough Luck

Consider the skulls on my bralette top a warning that I'll be wearing the crop top/skirt combo to death this spring/summer. I mean, I'll *try* to switch it up with some A-line dresses and high waisted shorts and what have you. But if I'm rushing to get dressed for 90 degree weather and there's a cute bralette top + a maxi skirt calling my name, just know I won't resist successfully. (And while you're at it, beware of the overuse of black velvet and crazy colored lipstick because there's plenty more where that came from.) <3

On a more exciting note, my first Rocksbox recently arrived in the mail and it was loaded with beautiful shiny things that made me very happy. In case you're new to Rocksbox, it's basically a one-a-kind jewlery subcription service. Each month, their stylists will pick out 2-3 gorgeous, designer pieces to lend you all based on a survey that lets them get to know your personal style. If you either A) Thoroughly enjoy surpises, B) Become overjoyed when wearing new jewels for the first time but question your ability to commit to them, or C) Both, then Rocksbox is right up your alley. And I have an extra special surpise for my lovely readers: You can get your first of Rocksbox for FREE! All you gotta do is sign up on the Rocksbox site and punch in the code: lexiinfleursxoxo. In no time, you'll have your first box waiting for you on your doorstep and you'll open it, feeling like it's Christmas or your birthday or something. But you guys have to hurry because this code only last for 30 days until it turns it 50% off your first box. (which is still an awesome deal but what's better than free things, am I right?)
Sidenote: There was one more sparkly gem that came in the box. Make sure to look out for it in a blog post coming to a computer near you. ;)

 Skull Bralette Top-Gift
Velvet Max Skirt- Flashbacks
Code West Cowboy Boots- Borrowed
Slate Skyline Necklace-Rocksbox
Gorjana Cutout Drop Earrings- Rocksbox
Gold Belt- Vintage
All other jewlery- Second Hand/Vintage
Get this look for $23+ on Lookastic: Black Cropped Top, Gold Necklace, Gold Bracelet, and Black Maxi Skirt


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