January is a bittersweet time of year to me. The whole month I'm longing for the warm, Christmas fuzzies that come along with the holiday season. I think of January as my alarm clock in the morning: At first I want to chuck it against the wall for ruining my coziness (but of course I don't because that requires way too much energy) I then start to appreciate my alarm for pushing my lazy butt out of bed and reminding me that I have a new day ahead: a new mini start. To make up for the lack of christmas warmth, I'm trying to dress more wintery and comfy than normal. Luckily, Next She sent me this gorgeous yet cozy geometric knit cape to help me do just that. It's  like wrapping yourself snuggly blanket while still looking super stylish (so basically, perfect.) 

Going back to new starts and things for a second, you've guys probably have noticed a big change on my blog. "Myrrhmaid's hotel" is now "Lex in Fleurs!" Changing the name of my blog is something I've been  questioning for a while now. Since I chat about my outfits, influences, and bits of pieces of my life, I felt like a more personal blog title that included my name made more sense so I decided to go for it. (Plus, I am decked out in flowers half the time.)  Along with the new name, I've got a couple more suprises up my sleeve for 2015 so as always, stay tuned. <3

Geometric Knit Cape-Next She
Lucky Brand Zodiac Shirt- Second Hand
Distressed Shorts- Second Hand
Tights- Macys
Drs Marten Silver Oxford-
Cancer Earrings- Flashbacks
All other jewelry- Vintage/Thrift

Get this look for $6+ on Lookastic: Blue Geometric Cape Coat, Silver Shorts, and Silver Necklace


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