Sunday, December 14, 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away

I'm not one of those people who eagerly jumps into the driver seat while carpooling. Not to say I hate driving, I just don't get a thrill out of it like some do. Lately though, I've been hit with the urge to just drive aimlessly on the highway, passing endless acres of bare land and stopping at random ghost towns along the way. If I were to go on a roadtrip anytime soon, my outfit would probably look a lot like this one here: Southern western pieces such as a concho belt and hat, sunsety colors that would match the beautiful sky I'd see out of my windshield. Of course I couldn't forget this neat purse that was once a license plate on a car. With this outfit, I'd drive wherever the road takes for hours and hours, over the hills and far away.

Western Concho Hat-Second Hand
Led Zeppelin Shirt- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Tie Dye Cardigan- Gypsy 05
High Rise Jeans- Second Hand
Chunky Platform Boots- Urban Outfitters
License Plate Purse- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Concho Belt- Vintage
All Jewlery is Vintage/Second Hand

Get this look for $9+ on Lookastic: Blue Jeans

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