Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blind Faze

I like to think of this look as a babydoll take on 70's glam rock. You can call it "Bubblegum Glam Rock" if you're like me and enjoy classifying styles with ridiculous names. (And we can get it trending on tumblr- It'll be like the new pastel goth or something.) Tongue-in-cheek aside, I adore mixing spunky, retro looking pieces like this shag vest and wedge boots with sweet n' sassy details like these heart sunnies. What steals the show in this outfit, however, is this gorgeous Milanoo British-style romper. The print just screams vintage to me: I could so see it in a small boutique in London during the 70's. (I'm glad it's not though because the chances of me getting my hands on it would be waaay slimmer.)

Blue Sleeveless Romper- Milanoo
Mirror/Dash Shag Vest-  Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Pastel Pink Tights- Macys
Vince Camuto Wedge Boots- Nordstrom
Heart Sunnies- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Elephant Necklace- Julie's Jewlery Store
All other jewlery- Vintage/Fleamarkets/Second Hand

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  1. Great look, pretty romper , you are so lovely and cute ! ♥ I'm fan


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