Try to Be

Another set of photos from my trip on the east, another dreamy look! This time, I'm roaming into the woods in this romantic, lacey free people dress as if I was a forest faerie or something of that nature. I'm not entirely sure how I'd spend my days if I was a forest faerie. Maybe I'd take up learning the harp so I could perform for all the woodland creatures passing by. (you know, to earn some extra twigs or something.) All I know is that I'd want to prance around in a dress light enough to flow in the wind. The less restrained I feel with the clothes I'm wearing, the better. Of course, I'd still have to add a few pieces of jewlery here and there(in this case, very soft and sweet pieces) to keep it me. Assuming I'd have gorgeous, functioning faerie wings, I would ditch the footwear. As deep as my love for shoes runs, sometimes there's no accessory like barefeet. <3

Free People Cream Dress- Sur la plage
Map Heart Necklace- VictoriaCampAllison (Gift)
Bindi- Flea Market
Rest of Jewlery is from Flea Markets/Vintage/Gift


  1. You have great tastes , Hippie chic, bohemian and romantic style... a nice inspiration touch from seventies !


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