Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nothing But Flowers

Since the beginning of time, the battle between stripes and polka dots has raged amongst civilizations across the globe. Actually, that's a total lie. With all the problems we have to deal with in the world, I can't think of anything more trivial than a heated stripes v.s. polka dots arguement. (has anyone ever gotten into one of those? Let me know if you have.) I myself love (and frequently wear) the two but polka dots have the winning edge if combined with a floral print. There's just something so irresistibly whimsy about polka dots and flowers paired together. And speaking of whimsy (or creepy- it's debateable) I've been into buying fake birds and gluing them onto everything as of late. I like to pretend I summoned them with song so they could become my little pets. Go ahead, judge me.

Floral Button Up- Second Hand
Polka Dot Leggings- Forever 21
Cream Lace Up Boots- Gift/Vintage
Chop sticks (hair)- Market
Bird Ring- DIY
Butterfly Ring- Party City
All other Jewlery is from fleamarkets/second hand

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the Green Wild

 It had just hit me that a few days ago, Myrrhmaid's Hotel turned one! (I'm the worst parent of a blog ever for forgetting that.) Recently I re-read my first post to get a feel for what my original intentions with this blog were. I was surprised to find that where I am now is where I had set out to be. Whether I garnered one page view a month or thousands didn't matter to me. (although I'm super grateful for all of you guys that have stopped my blog and especially those who are avid readers.) Rather, I longed to showcase oufits I wore throughout my everyday life and the ideas, feelings, and thoughts that trod along with them. I wanted  a  force that would continously push me out of my comfort zone. I yearned to create a dreamy atmosphere that I could share with others, to connect with them and maybe brighten their day somehow. All of these aspirations have turned into reality thanks to this blog. Thanks to everyone who has been apart of this journey some way or another. It's been quite a year.Well, off into the wild for me...♥

Velvet Bralette- Miracle Eye
Multi Print Maxi Skirt- Flashbacks
Purple Roper Boots- Ebay
Flower Petal Necklace- Gift
All other jewlery is from fleamarkets or vintage

OH and P.S. I'm literally shocked that I have yet to do this but here's a picture of my kitty Merlin. He's a beautiful, lazy, watermelon-obsessed  prince you know.

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