Starry Eyes

Ruffles, Bows and Pearls: All these elements are commonly seen as soft and delicate on their own yet have trailed into looks on the opposite end of the girly spectrum. Combine them together, however, and it's the ultimate recipe for a stereotypically twee get-up. Ultra sweet, dainty outfits typically aren't my cup of tea  but once in a while, I fancy the idea of dressing like I'm heading to a tea party. (Not that I've ever been to one- Do people still hold those? That's a thing that's too lovely to stop being a thing.)



Bow Sweater- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Pearl Peter Pan Collar- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Layered Ruffle Skirt- Crossroads
Ankle Kitten Heel Booties-Pink Avenger
Lace Scrunchie- Dollar Tree
Earrings- Vintage


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