Monday, December 30, 2013

Pulaski At Night

A little over a week ago, I wore this outfit to an Andrew Bird show in LA. It was my second time seeing him live and the experience was worlds different than the first but even more amazing. Because it was one of his winter gezelligheid shows, it took place in a quaint, dimly lit church so the whole experience felt much more intimate. (Especially compared to the Greek Theater, the venue I saw him at first.) The atmosphere and Andew Bird's music really were a match made in heaven though I, honestly, I could listen to him play in a sewer for hours and still feel at peace. One song in the set that night that stood out to me was the track off his EP that came out this year: "Pulaski at Night." That song has such a beautiful melody that never fails to get stuck in my head- To hear him preform it on his violin live was such a privledge. Definitely one of the highlights of my year, not to mention a perfect way to close off 2013. And speaking of which, happy new year to you all! My wishes to you that 2014 brings all of you lovelies the best! ♥

Amethyst + Moonstone Cross Necklace- Rock Paper Tree (Gift)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nonsense, Nonsense

I bought this 80's cropped biker jacket from an Etsy store a couple years ago.(actually in 2 days, it will have been exactly 2 years ago- and yes I did scroll through my purchase history to find the exact date.) Normally my love for a garment wears out pretty fast but this jacket is different. I don't know if it's the bedazzled stars, the velvet sleeves or what but this jacket has got this j'en se quoi that makes not wearing it 24/7 difficult. Honestly, I was shocked to realize that I had never featured it on any of my blogs before because I feel like it's always glued onto me or something. Maybe my obsession with it is just nonsense, maybe it's justified- I can't tell. Oh and speaking of obsessions, I've been really into berets lately (even more so than normal) so expect to see more looks with them in the future. ;)

Baroque Print Dress- Second Hand
Cropped Biker Jacket-  Honey Moon Muse
Teal Beret- Ibuydeal
Gold Layered Necklace- Forever 21
Leopard Print Belt- Second Hand
Navy Blue Tights- Macy's
Purple Roper Boots- Ebay

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