Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's a *tad* ironic that this post is titled "locomotion" because other than work and running errands, I rarely get out these days. (If I did, I'd be posting wayyy more looks than I do now.) Since I'm not the biggest social butterfly out there, I try to put all the outfits I create while playing dress up in my room to use when I go out and about. This look in particular definitely has a casual 80's party girl vibe to it. Lately, I just can't get enough of the bright magenta lipstick and neon yellow combo- I love how the vibrant colors contrast with one another. And to break away from the head-to-toe b+w trend that was going on for a while, I added the b+w crop tank and earrings into the neon mix. Lastly, I threw in my confetti cork shoes that I will forever be obsessed with. (but can you blame me? They're colorful and made out of cork!!)

B+W Crop Tank- Second Hand
Neon Yellow Sweater- Second Hand
High Rise Acid Wash Jeans- Second Hand
Confetti Cork Shoes- MissVintage5000
Gold Necklaces- Forever 21
B+W Square Earrings- Flea Market

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