Slitherin' Overall

When I was typing the title of this post at first, I typed "slytherin" rather than "slitherin" without even realizing it. Maybe I"ll do a slytherin-themed outfit one of these days (even though I'm more of ravenclaw, or so all the sorting hat quizzes that I've waisted time taking say.) But anyways, back to my outfit: After all this time searching for a pair of overalls that don't suffocate me/that I don't drown in, I finally completed my lengthy mission. It took me some time figuring out what shirt to wear underneath. I decided on this snake print crop top that I've also neglected in my closet. (because I like to buy clothes that I don't need and have them sit in my closet and look pretty in there without ever being worn- AKA closet decor.) Luckily, this little gem worked awesome under the overalls- I love the symmetry of the top's cut out back paired with the overalls. Since I got the snake print going on with the top, I thought why not thrown in a snake earcuff to make the outfit feel a little more upscale. (puns always intended ;) ) Lastly, I added these good ol' platform ankle boots + some braclets and ended up  what I like to think of as "girl who owns lots of pet snakes in the 90's out on the town" look.  

Snake print crop top- Thrifted
Levi Overall- Vintage
Platform Ankle Boots- Urban Outfitters
Silver Necklace- Forever 21
Snake Ear Cuff- Flea Market


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