Saturday, July 27, 2013


A couple weeks ago, the night before my 18th birthday (!!!), I got a surprise visit from a  flying furry friend- a bat! Somehow it flew into my house and wound up in my room (interuptting my Bob's Burgers watching time :/). Initially it freaked me out but I was texting my friend about it and she told me that a bat entering one's home symbolizes positive change that shouldn't be feared. The fact that this happened the night before a turned 18 was super awesome to me- I like to think of the bat passing me by as guranteed good luck for entering "adulthood" or whatever. (probably not the case but despite my dark get up I like to look on the bright side.) The morning of my birthday, I changed the original outfit I had planned and turned to bats for birthday outfit inspiration which led to this all black ensemble. (which couldn't be completed with a flowy-sleeve chiffon shawl to mimic bat wings, of course.) 

Cropped Cut Out Halter- Vintage
Chiffon Shawl- Goodwill
High Waisted Shorts- Second Hand
Doc Martens- Second Hand  
Wide Brim Hat- Second Hand
Tattoo Choker- Claires

(Also, I'm aware this song is about death and is very unrelated to this outfit but it's such an incredible track and I think you guys should really check it out.)


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