Saturday, July 27, 2013


A couple weeks ago, the night before my 18th birthday (!!!), I got a surprise visit from a  flying furry friend- a bat! Somehow it flew into my house and wound up in my room (interuptting my Bob's Burgers watching time :/). Initially it freaked me out but I was texting my friend about it and she told me that a bat entering one's home symbolizes positive change that shouldn't be feared. The fact that this happened the night before a turned 18 was super awesome to me- I like to think of the bat passing me by as guranteed good luck for entering "adulthood" or whatever. (probably not the case but despite my dark get up I like to look on the bright side.) The morning of my birthday, I changed the original outfit I had planned and turned to bats for birthday outfit inspiration which led to this all black ensemble. (which couldn't be completed with a flowy-sleeve chiffon shawl to mimic bat wings, of course.) 

Cropped Cut Out Halter- Vintage
Chiffon Shawl- Goodwill
High Waisted Shorts- Second Hand
Doc Martens- Second Hand  
Wide Brim Hat- Second Hand
Tattoo Choker- Claires

(Also, I'm aware this song is about death and is very unrelated to this outfit but it's such an incredible track and I think you guys should really check it out.)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Strange Constellations

My taste in music has always been all over the map which results in my style following the same pattern. One day I'll be playing a Hank Williams record and sporting some western wear and the next I'll be in my docs and a daisy print dress while listening to Beat Happening. Thanks to a Delhi 2 Dublin popping up on my Laid Back station on Pandora, I've been getting into Indian fusion music lately. The track "Strange Constellations" by Bombay Dub Orchestra has been stuck in my head for days- it's just too hypnotic and beautiful! (so much so I subconsciously used it as inspiration for this look.)

Gold and Green Dress- Second Hand
Strappy Snake Skin Heels- TJ Maxx
Bindi- Flea Market
Chandelier Earrings- Flea Market

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