Please be My Third Eye

I wore this outfit a few months back when spring fever was hittin' me hard. (Which is out of the norm for me because I normally want winter all year long. Not like I ever get a real winter though, living in southern California and all.) Anyways, I was super stoked about life in general back then (not that I'm super bummed about life now or anything) and I was unintentionally wearing orange very often as a result (Because orange supposedly symbolizes joy according to Google.) At the time, I was also mentoring a class of third graders for a child development class and I think their enthusiasm was infectious, inspiring me to create a youthful and upbeat look. (Which couldn't be completed with this googly eye headband I made 3 years ago, of course.)

Orange + White Striped Dress- Second Hand
Googly Eye Headband- DIY
Turquoise Ring- Second Hand
Black Tweed Mary Jane Heels- Urbanog


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