Night Is Young

My Hawaiian print obsession has been goin' strong for what seems like forever and it's only intensifying now that summer is so close. (!) I guess it's because seeing those little colorful hibiscus flowers instantly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In a way, it's sort of a comfort print for me. Paired with the sleek and modern combo of this leather striped LBD and these transparent wedge heels, the cropped Hawaiian printed jacket is the perfect addition to my graduation look and the sliver of paradise I carry with me as I move onto the next stage of my life. (cheesy but whateves)

Hawaiian Printed Jacket- Goodwill
Black Leather Striped Dress-Marshalls
Silver Transparent Wedge Heels- Savers
Silver Necklace- Forever 21
Silver Ear Cuff w/ Cross Charms- sweetpeepshere


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