Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sun Goes All Around

I originally wanted to shoot this look outside but I'm still trying to figure out how to do self portraits outside without a timer remote (which I should really start savin' up for) so just imagine me in the middle of a dried up field with the sun beaming down. (throw in some cacti to while you're at it because I've been dreamin' of running off into the desert lately for whatever reason.) Now about these palazzo pants- they're the comfiest garment on the planet and I basically want to live in them. It's becoming an issue since I'm starting to get lazy with experimenting with other pieces that are currently collecting dust in my closet and instinctively going  for the palazzo pants and crop top combo instead. *sigh*

Burnt Orange Top- Secondhand
Palazzo Pants - Secondhand
Jeffery Campbell Clog Heels- Crossroads
Egyptian Cat Necklace- Vintage
Flower Pendant Necklace- Gift

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Please be My Third Eye

I wore this outfit a few months back when spring fever was hittin' me hard. (Which is out of the norm for me because I normally want winter all year long. Not like I ever get a real winter though, living in southern California and all.) Anyways, I was super stoked about life in general back then (not that I'm super bummed about life now or anything) and I was unintentionally wearing orange very often as a result (Because orange supposedly symbolizes joy according to Google.) At the time, I was also mentoring a class of third graders for a child development class and I think their enthusiasm was infectious, inspiring me to create a youthful and upbeat look. (Which couldn't be completed with this googly eye headband I made 3 years ago, of course.)

Orange + White Striped Dress- Second Hand
Googly Eye Headband- DIY
Turquoise Ring- Second Hand
Black Tweed Mary Jane Heels- Urbanog

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Night Is Young

My Hawaiian print obsession has been goin' strong for what seems like forever and it's only intensifying now that summer is so close. (!) I guess it's because seeing those little colorful hibiscus flowers instantly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In a way, it's sort of a comfort print for me. Paired with the sleek and modern combo of this leather striped LBD and these transparent wedge heels, the cropped Hawaiian printed jacket is the perfect addition to my graduation look and the sliver of paradise I carry with me as I move onto the next stage of my life. (cheesy but whateves)

Hawaiian Printed Jacket- Goodwill
Black Leather Striped Dress-Marshalls
Silver Transparent Wedge Heels- Savers
Silver Necklace- Forever 21
Silver Ear Cuff w/ Cross Charms- sweetpeepshere

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