Hi There

Like many people in the fashion blogosphere, I view styling as a form of expression. This perspective lead to the creation of my first style blog about a year ago. It was then, however, that I realize I relied on my outfits to convey my thoughts and feeling so heavily, to the point where I substituted them for my words. When I would sit down and attempt to type commentary for my outfits, I was too timid to get in depth with my inspirations and how they related to my personal life. It's funny because in IRL I could wear the strangest garments and not care one bit about other's opinions but the minute I had to display the ensemble with a description (regardless how brief it was), I feared the idea of subjecting myself to other's criticisms. It took a year for this feeling to die down. Now my desire to have an outlet for my style and connect with those who feel similarly outweighs everything else. 
With the confidence and time (thanks to graduating high school) I've gained, I'm ready to share my outfits, inspirations, ideas, and whatever else I feel like (probably pics of my cat) with you guys. (:



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