Monday, December 30, 2013

Pulaski At Night

A little over a week ago, I wore this outfit to an Andrew Bird show in LA. It was my second time seeing him live and the experience was worlds different than the first but even more amazing. Because it was one of his winter gezelligheid shows, it took place in a quaint, dimly lit church so the whole experience felt much more intimate. (Especially compared to the Greek Theater, the venue I saw him at first.) The atmosphere and Andew Bird's music really were a match made in heaven though I, honestly, I could listen to him play in a sewer for hours and still feel at peace. One song in the set that night that stood out to me was the track off his EP that came out this year: "Pulaski at Night." That song has such a beautiful melody that never fails to get stuck in my head- To hear him preform it on his violin live was such a privledge. Definitely one of the highlights of my year, not to mention a perfect way to close off 2013. And speaking of which, happy new year to you all! My wishes to you that 2014 brings all of you lovelies the best! ♥

Amethyst + Moonstone Cross Necklace- Rock Paper Tree (Gift)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nonsense, Nonsense

I bought this 80's cropped biker jacket from an Etsy store a couple years ago.(actually in 2 days, it will have been exactly 2 years ago- and yes I did scroll through my purchase history to find the exact date.) Normally my love for a garment wears out pretty fast but this jacket is different. I don't know if it's the bedazzled stars, the velvet sleeves or what but this jacket has got this j'en se quoi that makes not wearing it 24/7 difficult. Honestly, I was shocked to realize that I had never featured it on any of my blogs before because I feel like it's always glued onto me or something. Maybe my obsession with it is just nonsense, maybe it's justified- I can't tell. Oh and speaking of obsessions, I've been really into berets lately (even more so than normal) so expect to see more looks with them in the future. ;)

Baroque Print Dress- Second Hand
Cropped Biker Jacket-  Honey Moon Muse
Teal Beret- Ibuydeal
Gold Layered Necklace- Forever 21
Leopard Print Belt- Second Hand
Navy Blue Tights- Macy's
Purple Roper Boots- Ebay

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In the Gold Dust Rush

 My style might be all over the map, but out of all the looks I've posted online in the last  few years, this one feels most like home. Crop tops,Black and Gold, Flowy maxi skirts, Dr Martens: All things I love and combining them to create an outfit is the closest I can get to describing my aesthetic without using words. It's like the comfiest outfit I can wear on an emotional level, if that makes sense, (and, next to pjs, on a physical level too.) As fun and healthy as experimenting with styles out of your norm can be, there's nothing wrong with returning to your comfort zone once in a while.                                                                                                                                                                    

Beaded Crop Tank- Buffalo Exchange
Hippie Maxi Skirt- Garage Sale
Black Dr Martens- Second Hand
Red Turquoise Ring- Julie's Jewlery Store
 Celtic Trinity Bracelet- Gift
All other Jewlery is from flea markets

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's a *tad* ironic that this post is titled "locomotion" because other than work and running errands, I rarely get out these days. (If I did, I'd be posting wayyy more looks than I do now.) Since I'm not the biggest social butterfly out there, I try to put all the outfits I create while playing dress up in my room to use when I go out and about. This look in particular definitely has a casual 80's party girl vibe to it. Lately, I just can't get enough of the bright magenta lipstick and neon yellow combo- I love how the vibrant colors contrast with one another. And to break away from the head-to-toe b+w trend that was going on for a while, I added the b+w crop tank and earrings into the neon mix. Lastly, I threw in my confetti cork shoes that I will forever be obsessed with. (but can you blame me? They're colorful and made out of cork!!)

B+W Crop Tank- Second Hand
Neon Yellow Sweater- Second Hand
High Rise Acid Wash Jeans- Second Hand
Confetti Cork Shoes- MissVintage5000
Gold Necklaces- Forever 21
B+W Square Earrings- Flea Market

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Slitherin' Overall

When I was typing the title of this post at first, I typed "slytherin" rather than "slitherin" without even realizing it. Maybe I"ll do a slytherin-themed outfit one of these days (even though I'm more of ravenclaw, or so all the sorting hat quizzes that I've waisted time taking say.) But anyways, back to my outfit: After all this time searching for a pair of overalls that don't suffocate me/that I don't drown in, I finally completed my lengthy mission. It took me some time figuring out what shirt to wear underneath. I decided on this snake print crop top that I've also neglected in my closet. (because I like to buy clothes that I don't need and have them sit in my closet and look pretty in there without ever being worn- AKA closet decor.) Luckily, this little gem worked awesome under the overalls- I love the symmetry of the top's cut out back paired with the overalls. Since I got the snake print going on with the top, I thought why not thrown in a snake earcuff to make the outfit feel a little more upscale. (puns always intended ;) ) Lastly, I added these good ol' platform ankle boots + some braclets and ended up  what I like to think of as "girl who owns lots of pet snakes in the 90's out on the town" look.  

Snake print crop top- Thrifted
Levi Overall- Vintage
Platform Ankle Boots- Urban Outfitters
Silver Necklace- Forever 21
Snake Ear Cuff- Flea Market

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Unless it's vintage, aztec prints are not usually my cup of tea but off the bat I was drawn to these shorts. Immediately, I thought they would jive perfetly under this Free People mesh maxi. (not the most pratical piece I own, probably cuz it's lingerie, but man is it gorgeous!) The lace hem plays off the lace detail on the dress's bodice without being too frilly. Throw in a bright blue tube top, some egyptian styled necklaces, and a few armlets and there you have this summery, semi-egyptian queen getup!


~Everything I'm Wearing is Second Hand~ 


Saturday, July 27, 2013


A couple weeks ago, the night before my 18th birthday (!!!), I got a surprise visit from a  flying furry friend- a bat! Somehow it flew into my house and wound up in my room (interuptting my Bob's Burgers watching time :/). Initially it freaked me out but I was texting my friend about it and she told me that a bat entering one's home symbolizes positive change that shouldn't be feared. The fact that this happened the night before a turned 18 was super awesome to me- I like to think of the bat passing me by as guranteed good luck for entering "adulthood" or whatever. (probably not the case but despite my dark get up I like to look on the bright side.) The morning of my birthday, I changed the original outfit I had planned and turned to bats for birthday outfit inspiration which led to this all black ensemble. (which couldn't be completed with a flowy-sleeve chiffon shawl to mimic bat wings, of course.) 

Cropped Cut Out Halter- Vintage
Chiffon Shawl- Goodwill
High Waisted Shorts- Second Hand
Doc Martens- Second Hand  
Wide Brim Hat- Second Hand
Tattoo Choker- Claires

(Also, I'm aware this song is about death and is very unrelated to this outfit but it's such an incredible track and I think you guys should really check it out.)

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