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Garden of Earthly Delights

Virgo season usually isn’t one I usually thrive in. As a homebody Cancerian, the no-nonsense, workaholic nature of this time of year just doesn’t appeal to me naturally. However, I can’t deny the importance of maintaining ambition in every area of life, especially career. This month I’ve been focusing on shedding my nostalgia-filled shell and trading it for a go-getter spirit grounded in the present. Luckily my efforts have paid off so far: I finally landed a job in Brooklyn! This ensemble I wore during the first week at the new workplace. Surprisingly, the vintage, paisley printed dress was pretty mobile and comfy which is crucial when you’re on your feet all day doing typical customer service related tasks. Also, I must add: It's so lovely to have so much liberty with my outfit choices at work since there's virtually no dress code. That way, I can dress like a 70's earthy mama one day (like showcased below), a 90's teenage witch the next, and a kooky art teacher the …

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