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A Million Billion Stars

Halloween arrives tomorrow and for the first time in a while, I feel like I've done Halloween celebrations this year justice. Sure- I never got around to carving a pumpkin or went to a haunted house (like I always say I will and never do) but I did check off a few activities on my fall bucket list already. Firstly, I watched more horror films this Halloween season than previous ones, realizing I've yet to see a scary movie that has genuinely freaked me out (but if anyone has any suggestions that might change that I'm all ears!) More importantly, as mentioned in a previous post, I dressed up in about 5 different costumes this month because it was required for work. One of the themes for the dress-up-days was "nature" so I decided to dedicate a costume to one of my favorite aspects of nature that's nearly impossible to experience in NYC; a night sky full of stars. Luckily I already had nearly all of the pieces for this look since I'm all about star/moon pri…

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