Thursday, November 16, 2017


Rewind to about 3 weeks ago from today and here I was posing for some pics in Bushwick, feeling a thousand times happier than my dead-pan facial expression would lead one to believe. These photos were taken on one of my favorite days from my most recent NYC trip. We had spent this chilly fall's day meandering around the city, stopping by record stores (Captured Tracks I missed you) and interesting bars along the way. The last couple of photos were shot at Little Choc Apothecary, a super cute vegan creperie in Williamsburg that aesthetically reminded me of a couple cafes I visited in London back in 2013. It was a day ideally spent and is now a lovely memory I get to daydream about when I'm stuck doing monotonous, everyday tasks on the west coast.

Comme Des Garcon x Levi's Jacket- Borrowed
Vintage Western Button-Up- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Faux Leather Shorts- Resale
HUE Black Tights- Macys
Justin Roper Boots- Resale
Ann Demeulemeester Hat-Borrowed
 Statement Necklace- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
Sunnies- Flashbacks
All Other Jewelry- Boutique/ Resale

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Love Captive

Choices: We spend the majority of our days making them consciously and unconsciously. Fashion bloggers, myself included, dedicate a large portion of their blogs explaining why they chose to wear what they do. The reasons for this outfit are rather simple: 1. I wanted to emulate an equestrian style since it appeals to me & 2. This jacket's color scheme is one I never play off of so I felt like trying it out. The origin story for this ensemble doesn't stretch far beyond those 2 reasons if I'm being completely candid. In contrast, my inner monologue about choices regarding our perceptions of the outside world seems to drag on for days. I used to believe that I had little choice in what emotions I would experience. "Even if I was able to switch my feelings on and off", I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be unhealthy to do so because I would likely end up repressing sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.- a plan that's doomed to backfire at some point?" Recently my perspective on the matter has changed: My emotions usually stem from my perceptions of the world. If I choose to perceive situations and everyone around me as threats to my emotional stability, I'm inadvertently choosing to breed more hostility and fear than necessary. In contrast, choosing to view the cards I'm dealt with as (eventual) positive contributions to my well-being allows me to acknowledge the presence of undesirable emotions and find joy in knowing that I can control how I act upon them. In short, I believe we have agency over our perspectives and, by extension, choose our feelings to a certain degree. Not the most groundbreaking revelation but sometimes we all need friendly reminders of the obvious (or maybe only I do because my attention span seems to shorten day by day).

Vintage Floral Blazer- Flea Market
Kimchi Blue Velvet Tank- Resale
Topshop Tan Jeans- Resale 
Naturalizer Camel Boots- Nordstrom
Silver Boho Necklace- Lucky Brand
All Other Jewelry- Resale/ Flea Market

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Have One On Me

"Driven through by her own sword
Summer died last night, alone
Even the ghosts huddled up for warmth
Autumn has come to my hometown"
Despite never experiencing the full extent of Autumn in Southern California, the fall feeling returns to me while thinking about these lyrics from Joanna Newsom's, "Autumn." Each year fall's inherently introspective nature sends me into a listening session of Newsom's 2010 release, Have One on Me. Every aspect of this album is simply brilliant and makes for a perfect escape from reality. Filled with gorgeous harp arrangements, lush orchestral instrumentation, and lyrics with vivid imagery, this album catapults you into an entirely different world that resembles what I'd imagine the early 20th century was like. Part of that impression I get might stem from the ornate album cover which features Newsom in a 1920's-esque look surrounded by antiques. Since this record is so near and dear to my heart, I tried my best to style an outfit based on the album's artwork and sound as a continuation of my "Vinyl Vibes" series. Luckily I was even able to find my old head chain similar to the one she wore on the cover (although admittedly her's is infinitely cooler).
If y'all enjoy these looks inspired my records, please let me know! I love combining my two passions together so I just might do more of these kinds of posts in the future. 

Velvet Romper- MINKPINK
Peacock Leggings- Resale
Black Ankle Boots- Goodwill
Head Chain- Etsy
All Jewelry- Resale/Gift/Boutique

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