Thursday, June 15, 2017

Down the Line

Fresh off the plane from New York and already I'm longing for the city that never sleeps. Like all awesome vacations, this one felt entirely too short. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for every moment of it. There are so many aspects of NY, particularly Brooklyn, to appreciate: Breathtaking cityscapes that humble you, the diversity of its people, the liveliness of the music/ art scene, tap water that doesn't taste like tap water. Rather than feel a sense of loss from this experience coming to a close, I actively choose to immerse myself in all that I have gained from this trip and celebrate the memories created along the way. More than anything else, I feel rejuvenated and motivated to someday reside in a place that zaps the life back into me like Brooklyn does.

Special thanks to the raddest person I know, Josh, for shooting these pics. Check out more of his killer style here.

Black 2 Piece Dress- Flashbacks
Betsey Johnson Fishnets- Marshalls
Penny Loves Kenney Black Fringe Ankle Boots- Amazon
Circle Sunnies- Resale
Spike Dangle Earrings- Flashbacks
All Other Jewelry- Boutique/ Flea-market/ Resale

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Why is it that "nothing" always seems like the most appealing option when it's the last thing I should be doing? Between finishing up this semester and preparing for a New York trip (which I'll be embarking on in a couple of days!), the past few weeks have flown by. I'm still getting use to this "having a life" thing so keeping my priorities in check is a habit I'm actively trying to develop. From time to time though, I slip and get distracted by random last minute projects. More specifically, I end up trying to update my wardrobe by cutting/ tailoring old pieces to give them a new life. Even a couple newer additions in my closet like these Free People bell bottoms render some last minute changes. Since the pant legs on these beautiful bells were too long for my short legs, I snip-snipped them a bit right before leaving the house in this outfit. I went to run errands/ grab coffee with my sis in this ensemble which was equal parts lovely and productive. While it was as an afternoon well spent, the idea of doing nothing but chillin' in a field of flowers sounded quite tempting. 

"All I wanna do

Let the petals fall away"🌻

As promised in my previous post, here is the 5th look featuring frames from Warby Parker. If you didn't catch the review I did of their HomeTry-On program, feel free to check it out here.

Minkpink Laser Cut Tank- Resale
Free People Printed Bell Bottoms- Flashbacks
 Ankle Boots- Matisse 
Tucker Sunnies- Warby Parker 
Faux Leather Fringe Bag- Resale (Ritzy Ragz)
All Jewelry- Boutique/ Flea Market/ Resale

Saturday, May 27, 2017

5 Fly Frames: A Warby Parker Review

Not many people know that I'm actually blind as a bat. Alright, my eyesight isn't *that* terrible but I still need glasses to drive/ read afar due to my nearsightedness. I honestly would be better off if I wore prescription glasses on a daily basis. I can't tell you how many times my vision failed me in recognizing someone I knew in public and how badly I felt for not saying hi to them as a result (And if you were that person, I'm sorry!). But anyways, I am long overdue for a new pair of glasses since my current 7 year old ones look like they've been dropped too many times (spoiler: they have). On my quest to find the perfect frames I decided to try out Warby Parker's Home Try-On program. Rather than wasting precious time and money on buying and returning disliked glasses on other sites, Warby Parker's service allows you to try out 5 frames for 5 days with no charge whatsoever. After the 5 days are over, all you gotta do is send the box back with the prepaid return label- super simple! In less than a week my frames were waiting for me to give them a go. I was surprised by how simultaneously lightweight and durable they were which is not an easy balance to strike. Choosing 5 to test out was difficult for an indecisive person like me since they carry such a wide variety of gorgeous eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here are the ones that caught my eye the most:

"Where is the last look?" you may be questioning. Look number 5 starring these "Tucker" frames will be featured in my next blogpost so keep your eyes peeled!

I'm curious to hear which frames you guys liked the best so feel free to comment your favorite ones below. 🕶️

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